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Hostgator vs. Dreamhost vs. iPage


iPage offers one of the cheapest shared hosting services on the web, but their hosting plan is not full-featured. They don't support SSH, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, and PostgreSQL which are supported by most other companies. Some of these features are very important, especially SSH (Secure Shell) which provides more security for transferring data because of an encrypted link between client and server computers.
 Dreamhost does not offer cPanel and makes things complicated for their users. cPanel provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of managing a web hosting account. Most of the hosting companies make this ready-made control panel available for their clients. Dreamhost offers its own control panel which is not user friendly, and many users find it difficult to use. Dreamhost has designed it itself from the ground up, and clients wont find anything like it at any other hosting company. Dreamhost does not offer call-in phone support. Customers can pay extra to request call-backs from support staff. Dreamhost offers a live chat for all accounts on a temporary basis, depending on how many email tickets they have waiting. The live chat feature will be temporarily turned off while they receive many ticket emails, and must focus on them. Only customers that have paid for the "Chat and Call-back" service will be guaranteed that the live chat feature will never be disabled.
 Although many web hosts offer free domain registration, Hostgator charges for registering domain names. In addition, the prices of their hosting services are relatively higher than what is being offered by other companies. They claim that every good thing has a higher price and if you want a good service you need to pay. But still price must be a matter of concern for the users, especially when there are several trusted web hosts that provide quality services at affordable costs.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost vs iPage

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